Why You Should Avoid Q-Tips when cleaning your Ears

Avoid Q-Tips when cleaning Ear Canal

For most of us, our first tool for cleaning our ears is a q-tips we believed that putting q-tips to our ears is going to clean the wax out from our ears, but what it does is it’s pushing the wax right back inside against our eardrum.

Ear wax is essential, it is produced in the outer portion of the ear canal, and it protects the ear and stops things getting in there that shouldn’t.

And if you leave your wax it will naturally come out of the ear hole all by itself so for the majority of us wax isn’t a problem but sometimes it can build up causing discomfort or loss of hearing.

If that happens, there’s quite an array of products you can buy to unclog your ears these work by soaking into ear wax and softening.

Almond oil and olive oil are just as effective, warm the oil up to no more than body temperature fill your ear and leave for five to ten minutes until the wax softens and falls out.

Source: YouTube