Wally and Jose Funny Pinoy Henyo

Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo plays Pinoy Henyo

Manila, Philippines, Eat Bulaga the longest running noontime television show in the Philippines has introduced many original game concepts one of them is the “Pinoy Henyo.”

Two players will work as a team, one player have to guess the mystery word by asking his/her teammate, the other player will only have to answer the following word Yes, No and It can be.

The guesser should start by asking if the word is a Person, Place, Thing, or any other general category then its sub-category until they find the correct word.

It this video Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola are playing the game; however, these two are messing around with the game, while when Jose is about very close to answering the right word, he will say pass and proceed to the next mystery word.

Wally’s expression of excitement quickly died down when his teammate Jose Manalo said “Pass” an excellent anti-climax comedy routine. Enjoy watching!