Twins in the Laundry Basket having an Adorable Conversation when Mom Walks In

Twin Babies Talking

The twins are having a good conversation when their mother walks into the laundry area, and they seem to understand each other about their toy of the day which is the socks. Interesting how one baby will not give over the socks that she wanted; instead she fobs off her twin with the other pair of socks.

It seems they have developed their way of communicating using noises and gestures instead of words of course at that age they are incapable of using actual words to converse.

However, they are thoroughly enjoying their agreement while they’re in the laundry basket their mother had to record this and freeze this adorable moment which is now immortalized in YouTube.

The 18-month-old twins Stella and Lilah when the video where taken is now eight years old, and they think their video is pretty funny and indeed it was, they learn how to share at the very early age.

Source: YouTube