The Philippine Balisong

Boris Upgraded This Philippine Traditional Balisong

After an ear of absence due to a chronic addiction to Clash of Clans, Boris has returned once again to modify weapons, destroy fruit terrorist and of course… Go disco dancing.

His addiction to Clash of Clans, however, has allowed the evil Emperor, Pineapl.d.ap. To hire every single bounty hunter in the known galaxy to hunt down the 9-Star General from the Soviet La Union.

Pursued by the Galactic Empire’s sinister agents, Boris prepares himself to destroy the Empire and restore freedom to the galaxy…

Now, for this episode Boris Bigornia, will show us some pretty cool things today, this tiny terror, it’s been around for centuries, one of the most notorious weapons in human history, as immortalizes in multiple box office sanction film such as Lethal Weapon, Face Off, The Punisher, Kick Ass, and most brutal movie ever made, The Fault in our Stars.

This is so filthy that it goes by many names. This weapon is so delicately deadly that it’s fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Watch how Boris upgrade this Philippine Defense.

Source: YouTube