She saw this Pregnant young girl in labor when the baby’s Father arrived is another surprise

Prank little girl pregnant gets attention from people in the park

The popularity of Just For Laughs Gags has reached many countries, and ours is one of them. In today’s featured Just For Laughs Gags video entitled Pregnant Little Girl.

The little girl prankster wears a fake belly, she and her “boyfriend” got into the car, and their vehicle is built for this antic, the boy pretends to be driving the vehicle, but in the backseat you will find the actual driver of the vehicle, specializing in tricking people.

At the park, the little girl pretends to be having contractions, and she calls the attention of the people who walk near the beach where she was sitting, and they were shocked by the fact that she is pregnant (as they thought).

Concerned at what they saw, they stopped and tries to help in the dumbstruck appearance of the little girl difficult situation, little that they know it will get even crazier, the little girl then points to her ride, remember the “Prankster car”? And the “boyfriend” He jumps out of the car and rushes up to help her

They can’t believe what they’re seeing happening in front of their eyes, “The can this be true?” look on their faces are priceless. Puzzled, they tried to stop them from going without any adult that will guide them.

Finally, they reveal themselves and the prank. Pretty good, right?

Source: YouTube