People Died In Dangerous Mount Everest Summit Overcrowding

Mount Everest Summit Overcrowding

Today Mount Everest is a very different place, and one alarming and concerning issue is overcrowding or human traffic jams in the area aptly named Death Zone with a dizzying altitude of 8,000 meters.

The pictures that climbers are sending back are distressing, hundreds of climbers are lining up risking their lives perched insecurely along the ridge that forms the final approach to the summit waiting for their turn to claim up or scramble down while attached to a single fixed rope.

This season alone 11 fatalities have been reported one young Indian climber who died to exhaustion and exposure while on the way down because he was stuck in that line for over 12 hours.

For people who don’t have Mount Everest on their bucket list and who watched many documentaries about Everest will probably see that this is a disaster is waiting to happen because the last thing you don’t want to do is linger for hours in the Death Zone.

Self-preservation will direct you to get out of there as quickly as possible because there is a small window of time of clear weather to close and the blow of the dangerous jet like cold winds will surely tell you that it’s game over, the lack of sufficient oxygen will affect your judgment.

Now, is this worth it? Whether Everest or some other place if overcrowding will endanger your life is that worth your life for the all-important selfie?

Source: YouTube