See Tattooing in Closeup and in Slow Motion

Video screenshot of closeup tattooing

 Destin of Smarter Every Day will learn about Tattooing in this video, he plans to film it on a high-speed video camera, Leah a tattooist shows Destin the Rotary Machine and the most commonly used type is a coil rotary machine.

The needle used in tattooing is not a single needle, but multiple needles and they are grouped for lining, however, for shading, it’s more like a paintbrush. Ink is held in between those numerous needle points using capillary action, and when it punctures the skin, it drags the ink down into the dermis.

Rotary machines are pretty easy to understand. Here this motor has rotational motion, and it’s translated into linear action here at the needle bar.

When Leah steps on this foot pedal, that direct current is applied to the two coils. This turns those coils into an electromagnet, and it pulls this armature bar down, moving the needle. When the armature bar runs down, it breaks the circuit away from the contact screw, and that causes the electromagnetic field to collapse. The spring then returns the armature and it re-energizes the circuit. This just happens over and over again, and that’s it. That’s how a coil machine works.

Source: YouTube by SmarterEveryDay

What is the Cause of Pimple and the Gross White Things Inside a Pimple

The nasty white pus inside a pimple is a cocktail of bacteria, dead skin cells, white blood cells and sebum an oily waxy material that protects, lubricates and waterproofs our hair.

What is the cause of a pimple? Our skin has a tiny sac called sebaceous glands which secrete the oily material, now, there are bacteria in our skin called Propionibacterium, and they feed on these oily material.

The problem begins when our skin pores are blocked with dead skin cells, and oily material “sebum” are glued together that causes a blockage in the skin pores.

Now, sebaceous glands produce more sebum which builds up behind the blockage; this is now the start of bacteria multiplication, this triggers the dispatch white blood cell to the area to the large cluster of bacteria; as a result, the area becomes inflamed.

Popping the pimple opens a gateway for additional bacteria on your fingers which could prolong or even worsen the already infected pore.

Source: Tech Insider

Instantly Frozen Fish Comes Back to Life after Thawing

This video footage shows a live fish being pulled out of the plastic container full of water, it’s very much alive still jumping after it was caught.

Then the fish were transferred to a super-cooled liquid that is -35 Fahrenheit, the fish had a momentary bolting movement upon hitting the cold liquid.

The fish were instantly frozen that some of the people who were inside the room pressed the frozen fish with their fingers, it was surely frozen alive.

The the amazing thing happens, the fish was once again put back into the water container and moments later this fish began to move and begins gliding in the water again, it’s been brought back to life.

Some animals had this amazing capacity in preventing intracellular freezing and dehydration or some kind of antifreeze proteins.

Source: YouTube by Richon

Man Renovating his House, Knocked Down a Wall and Found An Entire Hidden City

In 1963 a man in the Nevsehir province of Turkey was doing a little home remodeling he decided to knock down a wall of his home for expansion.

He discovered a hidden room behind the wall with a slender hallway carved out of the stone below his home the hallway led to a cave-like room which resulted in more hallways in cave-like rooms.

Before he knew it, he had stumbled onto an entire underground city that was attached to his home the city was empty and abandoned.

But it had every amenity you would need to sustain a society what he had stumbled on by accident was Derinkuyu and the underground city of Cappadocia.

Source: Did You Know?

See Piranha Biting Through a Steel Wire

Biologist and extreme angler, Jeremy Wade, will try to test how sharp is the piranha teeth are, after catching the piranha in the Amazon river using a tough plastic lure.

First, he tried a 300 pound breaking strain Kevlar fabric the same material used to make bulletproof vests, its teeth slides effortlessly through the Kevlar cutting it in two.

Now for the ultimate test, Jeremy tried woven steel, same result, just like the Kevlar.  It’s a sobering reminder of the flesh slicing potential of these prolific predators on those rare occasions when piranhas do attack humans, its death by a thousand cuts.

Source: YouTube by River Monster

What happens when Hot Lava meets Ice?

What will happen with molten hot lava meet ice?

The experiment embraces one of the most dangerous forces of nature, red hot lava meet ice.  Artist Bobby Sakhi and geologist Jeff Carson and their rumbling lava furnace prepare for this experiment and their thoughts on what would happen?

Artist Bobby Sakhi and geologist Jeff Carson

The first guess is always its gonna explode, always number one or its gonna tunnel down, is just gonna dig through the ice, made a hole in the ice, but these things didn’t happen.

Bobby’s observation “I was stunned by what it did when it hit the ice, you’ll see the bubbles, these big bubbles within bubbles.”  And Jeff comments “It’s like scramble egg from hell that’s the way it looks in the video just two things we just didn’t really expect.”

Moment of anticipation what will lava do to the ice

So, why volcanic bubbles formed? According to the experts Alistair Linsell, a Nuclear Chemist, “The lava is so hot, that when is poured onto the ice, the ice instantly not just turn into water, but straight into steam.” and according to Sujata Kundu, a Material Chemist “Now these steam has to escape, so it bubbles through the lava, while it looks like the lava is boiling, it’s actually the steam being produced is trying to escape.”

As lava touches the ice, bubbles within bubbles are formed

Alistair, also added, as the lava cools, we start getting thick black layer forming on top and it starts to trap those bubbles of superheated steam inside the rock and it’s kind of like a natural form of glass blowing.

Bubbles trapped inside the cooled lava forms a natural form of glass blowing

But how’s the volcanic lava crawls across the ice? Should it breakthrough?
Alistair has this answer, the formation of all this steam, helps the lava to flow, because it means that it’s sitting on top a blanket of steam rather that in contact with the ice itself, this means the friction between the lava in the ice surface is very low.

Source: YouTube

Worm spit this outer space alien like slime, what is this exactly?

Worm spit on fisherman’s hand

A Fisherman claims to have caught this strange worm off the coast of Thailand,  but like something this gross be real?  Well, this creepy little guy is called proboscis worm it has the structure the proboscis which it ejects either to entrap and prey or in the case of this video to perhaps deter some predator.

Proboscis Worm

It’s probably feeling threatened so in the act of defense spit the thing out, and then the proboscis withdraws back the slime thing back inside, why and where the proboscis pulled back again? When this worm is outside of the water that mucus feel sticky, and the worm will get stuck in his hand.

The proboscis breaks off, and this may sound lethal, but actually, these worms can regenerate their proboscis, and they can go without food for a long time while they wait for it to renew, you may think that it looks gross, but it illustrates the beauty of the worm.

Source: YouTube by Science Channel

This Dead Rattlesnake Rattle is Still Making Sounds, So they Decided to Cut It

Opening rattlesnake tail

The father and son tandem of Dan and Lincoln of What’s Inside? YouTube channel, they will open a rattlesnake rattle to see what’s inside as recommended by their fans.

Dan bought a rattlesnake rattle on eBay from a guy in Texas, they will compare it to an actual rattlesnake in the zoo in Arizona.

Comparing rattlesnake tail

The rattlesnake babies are born with what is called a pre-button, each shedding of their skin will add another button or rattle.  These buttons are made of protein called Keratin same protein with human fingernails.

Rattlesnake inside a glass cage

The rattles are empty, so what makes the noise? The noise comes from each segment knocking together, this rattling sounds keep the predators away.

Source: YouTube by What’s Inside?