A Woman Hires a Shy Young Nanny, Discovers That She’s Aristocratic and Future Princess

Lady Diana Spencer working as a nanny

To know the real Princess Diana as a caring and nurturing mother and a loving person, we have to know her past. Before becoming a princess, Diana work as a part-time nanny to a wealthy American businesswoman named Mary Robertson living in London.

Mary who struggles to balance her work and family decided to call the local agency asking for a part-time nanny, and they have one on their book a young woman named Diana Spencer, and she showed up for the scheduled interview. The 18-year-old captures Mary’s heart for she’s so excellent with Patrick.

Diana worked three times a week, receiving five dollars an hour taking care of Mary’s son Patrick, and she would also load her laundry, pick up toys, and wash dishes, a real bonus for her employer. The other two days she worked in a nursery school.

Diana’s aristocracy background blown when Mary found a deposit slip from Diana’s bank Coutts and Company it said Lady Diana Spencer because Mary worked in finance industry she knew that Coutts was the banker for the aristocracy and the royal family. When confronted by Mary, Diana’s responded “Oh that, would you like me to take Patrick out for a walk now” and that was the beginning and the end of it.

Months later, Mary got another shock when she found out that Diana was dating the future King of England and warned her before leaving for work that there are reporters down the street just outside her house.

Soon after Diana gave her notice to Mary, and the next time she saw her former nanny, she is walking down the aisle in a Royal Wedding watched by the whole world.

Mary thought that her relationship with Diana was over, and she will never see or hear from her again, but to Mary’s surprise, Diana continues to correspondence to her for the next 16 years.

Diana sends dozens of cards and letters over the years, she kept asking Mary’s family to come and visit, and she didn’t read the request for visits as “little cries for help.”

Mary says she will always cherish those long ago days when Diana was her nanny.

Mary knows Diana felt the same way as she referred to the time that she worked with Mary as “the happiest year of her life.”

Truly a wonderful person.

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Ballerina’s Spider Dance Impressive and at the same time Scary

Milena Sidorova’s Spider Dance

Award-winning Dutch choreographer and professional ballerina Milena Sidorova is known for her world-famous choreography “The Spider” it was performed all over the globe and “The Spider” dance in which she performed was viewed 13million times on YouTube.

Milena used to be obsessed with spiders as a child and ended up choreographing a routine named “The Spider.”

Her love for animals has a special place in her choreography, performance, and artistic process.

Not your typical dance performances which make it so amazingly enjoyable to watch she realistically display the strenuous spider movement which is both impressive and somehow creepy and scary if you have arachnophobia.

Milena lastest choreography works are SAND and A.I. these will be performed at the Royal Opera House in London this year.

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Why Supreme is So Expensive

Image: Business Insider

Supreme was founded by James Jebbia who was born in the US lived in the UK until age 19 before returning, he was fascinated by the aura of New York and clothes and returned to learn about the retail business while working at Parachute in Soho from future Undefeated founder Eddie Cruz.

Jebbia also worked with Shawn Stussy, Stussy the famous streetwear brand that had come up in the 80s from the trends of surfer fashion, here are three leading streetwear brands influencing one another.

Supreme first location was open on Lafayette Street in Manhattan in 1994. Jebbia opened Supreme with the cost of twelve thousand dollars it caters to the skateboarding, hip-hop, punk rock and youth culture and counterculture in general.

Jebbia’s vision is that he opened the store with skaters in mind he arranged the merchandise along the perimeter of the store to allow ample open middle space for skaters to feel welcome in and skate right into the store.

Supreme focus on quality in their clothing line, other products, and to their core values has resulted in its growth and universal adoption as cool, leading to collaborations with numerous artists, brands, fashion houses, and musicians.

The logo is inspired by the Futura Heavy Oblique font from Barbara Kruger’s propaganda art. The logo has many variations one of which is their famous motion logo which was inspired by the title sequence of the movie “Goodfellas” one of their main promotional tools is the classic bumper sticker with their logo found in bohemian neighborhoods all over the world.

The name itself Supreme commands respect and representing the best products available, which are what Supreme specializes in, they make limited runs of all their products.

Their reason being they don’t want to be stuck with a supply that no one else wants, but the indirect effect of this is that it results in extra hype because of the disproportionate supply and demand of these products.

Louis Vuitton among many other major labels over the years had Cease and Desist Orders against Supreme since Supreme has been known to take influence from many other major brands in their merchandise which are ironic because recently Louis Vuitton and Supreme actually did an official collaboration.

Supreme has come as a respected streetwear brand Jebbia has stated that Supreme needs to be cool to survive so if you still see it around it’s still cool.

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Would You Believe that this Little Girl is Scouted by Various Modelling Agencies

Lauren Lunde, South Korea

Finding success as a model is like winning the lottery, not many people make it, so it’s even more surprising when children can shake up the fashion industry in half the time it takes an adult.

While beauty is subjective and inevitably becomes a matter of controversy, especially when the subject is very young, some children are born with nearly perfect features.

Here’s the rare 1% children model around the world that amassed legions of online fans and became an international fashionista.

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The Most Advanced and Powerful Protective Uniforms in the World

Advanced Military Uniform – Image: #Mind Warehouse

The US Army is paving the way for a new generation of super soldiers with the help of exoskeletons they’re designed to be worn over a pair of pants and use a suite of sensors and AI to aid natural movement.

The idea is to take the capabilities of some of the fittest highest performing individuals in the world and extend those capabilities.

The appeal of exoskeleton technology for the US military is definite, gear like body armor night-vision goggles and advanced radios are critical but heavy all up they can weigh almost 2 or 3 times the recommended limit for soldiers, and when infantry troops show up to a fight, they’re fatigued from carrying all their equipment.

Now with the help of the exoskeletons, soldiers can fight fresh, and that will make them stronger, and they will last longer, and they will much faster and farther.

The equipment won’t come cheap each exoskeleton is expected to cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the US isn’t the only country looking to give their troops an upgrade research officials say Russia and China also have exoskeleton tech in the works.

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Forgotten Superstars of the Past

International Korean Popstar Psy

Hollywood stars are made and broken every day so we shouldn’t be surprised when one of our favorite star’s careers dries up from some of the most promising actors to stars with decades of experience, and no one has job security in show business.

The competition is very tough celebrities need to be in constant connection with the public by starring in good movies, releasing successful albums, and attending various public events.

These celebrities were once in everyone’s mind until recently and then just disappeared and probably forgotten.

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World’s Most Unbelievable Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

Image: #Mind Warehouse

As you know, people are very interested in magic and other seemingly inexplicable phenomena. Since ancient times magicians have been playing with logic and tricking people into believing the impossible.

And as you might know, magicians don’t like when their tricks are exposed and explained.

Nevertheless, some people are very interested in revealing their best-kept magical secrets, so people will understand how magicians do their tricks.

Are you interested to know their tricks and its explanations? Now watch this great magic tricks being revealed and explained.

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Maddie Madayag the Middle Blocker that Destroys UST

Maddie Madayag stretching her muscles during practice

The sports of volleyball run in Maddie Madayag’s family both her grandparents, uncle and her mother knows how to play the sport, and they encourage young Maddie to try it out since she was taller compared to other kids at her age that time.

She tried to play the sport in grade school during the school’s sports Intramurals, but the experience was too hard for her at that time. But Maddie is destined to play volleyball while in first-year high school her close friends wanted to join in the school’s varsity team and they invited Maddie to come and join the tryout and have some fun.

As it turns out, Maddie is the only one who made it to the varsity team and continues playing until she graduates high school in Davao, she wanted to play for Ateneo where her family is an alumnus.

Her first year playing for the blue eagles was an overwhelming experience for Maddie because of the huge crowd cheering for their team, and she battles homesickness while leaving alone here in Manila and during her first year playing they won the UAAP Championship Season 77 the taste of victory encourages her to persevere in training.

But, the next UAAP Season was a difficult one for Maddie she suffers an ACL injury mid-season when she’s about to play more minutes and her faith, family and teammates help her find inspiration and determination, she continues to come to their practice session after her therapy watching her teammates plays inspired her to get well.

And indeed contributed to her team championship success this UAAP Season 81, Maddie sets a new league record of 11 blocks! Against the two league’s best spikers from UST.

Maddie’s volleyball career inspired young athletes to play their best and heart to the sports they loved.

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Maddie’s Regular Season Highlights

Expert Doctors Concerned with the Increase in Children with High Blood Pressure

Children with high blood pressure

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension is a health problem often associated with older people; the truth is it affects people of all ages, including young children.

There is one type of hypertension called “Primary or essential hypertension” that occurs on its own without any identifiable causes. This type of high blood pressure often occurs in older children six years old and above the factors for developing primary hypertension includes Overweight or obesity, overeating salt, family history of high blood pressure, physically inactive caused by gadget addiction and unhealthy diet.

Children with high blood pressure are likely to have it until adulthood unless being treated. Children’s high blood pressure can be prevented by making the same lifestyle changes like weight control, healthy diet, and encourage children to have a physical activity or exercise.

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Twins in the Laundry Basket having an Adorable Conversation when Mom Walks In

Twin Babies Talking

The twins are having a good conversation when their mother walks into the laundry area, and they seem to understand each other about their toy of the day which is the socks. Interesting how one baby will not give over the socks that she wanted; instead she fobs off her twin with the other pair of socks.

It seems they have developed their way of communicating using noises and gestures instead of words of course at that age they are incapable of using actual words to converse.

However, they are thoroughly enjoying their agreement while they’re in the laundry basket their mother had to record this and freeze this adorable moment which is now immortalized in YouTube.

The 18-month-old twins Stella and Lilah when the video where taken is now eight years old, and they think their video is pretty funny and indeed it was, they learn how to share at the very early age.

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