Muscular Kangaroo that went Viral is Powerful enough to Crush Metal

Roger the ripped kangaroo from Australia

Meet Roger the Red Kangaroo who lives at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. He is 6 and a half feet tall and he weighs in at about two hundred pounds.

Roger the ripped kangaroo 6 1/2 feet tall and 200lbs

Roger, who crushes huge metal buckets with his bare hands. He’s also a trained kickboxer and also trained in hand to hand combat Now Roger wasn’t always so big and menacing He was found in 2006 at the side of a highway in the pouch of his dead mother that apparently been hit by a car.

Roger was adapted to a sanctuary after his mother death
Roger now an alpha kangaroo with a harem of young female kangaroos

He was taken to the sanctuary, obviously fed right and now he’s a big old boy with a harem of young female kangaroos, which he protects fiercely and will not let anyone get near.

Source: YouTube by CNN

Enormous and Venomous Snake crossing the highway Targets Motorcycle Rider

Large snake crossing on a highway in Thailand

Lampang, Northern Thailand, a very unusual thing happen and it was captured via car’s dashboard camera, a motorcycle rider overtakes a car and he’s now in front of the four-wheeled vehicle.

As they traveled on the road, they saw a snake crossing the two-way highway the motorcycle in front tried to avoid hitting the snake.

The motorcycle in front tried to avoid hitting the crossing snake

However, the snake launched itself off the road in an attempt to strike the rider.

The rider was able to evade the big snake’s offensive strike.

Footage via ViralHog

Poor Dog Passed Out After Sniffing His Master’s Under Arm

Dog sniffing his master’s armpit

Dog love to sniff, they are born to smell. They can identify a different kind of scents 1000 times better than human, and they have 220 million olfactory receptors in their nose while human only has 5 million.

The dog sense of smell can distinguish the scent of individuals, both animal and human.

In this video, a man is talking with someone over the Internet using webcam and headset. While the owner of the dog is busy talking, his dog beside him was sitting on his lap comfortably watching, as they always often do his dog started to sniff around, tilted his head he smell the armpit of his master.

The man felt tickled because of his dog’s nose in his armpit, raise his arm a bit, which opens his under arm wider. Then suddenly the poor dog passed out flat on the floor.

The man just continues his conversation, ignoring what happened to his dog. He chatted more and looked at his dog momentarily, and he just keeps talking, sips his cigarette. The following moment the dog still on the man’s lap and now unconscious.

Dogs can’t distinguish what part of the human body, they’re smelling. Your armpit, to the dog, smells very similar to your feet.

Source: YouTube by PowerTarts

Seahorse Releasing its Very Cute Babies Caught on Video

The seahorse is releasing it’s babies

A very lucky chance, when the scuba diver found a pregnant seahorse off the coast of Little Beach in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Seahorse bulging abdomen
Small things are coming out from the seahorse

Fortunately, this diver brought his underwater camera and started filming and things got even better when the seahorse began to give birth before his eyes.

It’s trying to come out
Baby Seahorses were coming out

The number of baby seahorses is coming out which makes him even more excited. Watch this amazing footage.

About 20 baby seahorse come out

Source: YouTube by Meagan Abele

An Abused Dog Touched by Human Hands for the First Time

Human hands were touching an abused puppy for the first time in the shelter of Breasta-Craiova in Romania, Monica Mitreanu has rescued the small abused dog.

Abused since infancy, the puppy will be tough to accept that a human being can pet him. His first reaction was extremely fearful.

Very fearful indeed, the animal started screaming and crying, but after a few long seconds, she eventually calms down and accepts this mark of affection.

We can see that the dog is doing much better now after it has been adopted and her name is “Priscilla.”

Source: YouTube by Periscope 360

What’s inside a Black Box?

Image: What’s Inside

The father and son tandem of Dan and Lincoln of What’s Inside, YouTube channel, today they will attempt to open a flight recorder or commonly called aircraft “Black Box.”

First of all the black box is now orange-colored they changed it so they can find it more easily after a plane crash.

The device captures two critical data or information, first the flight data recorder, it records a dozen of flight parameters per second.

While the second information is about voice recordings on the pilot in the cockpit and air traffic controller.

The two recorders give an accurate testimony, narrating the aircraft’s flight history, to assist in any later investigation.

Source: YouTube by What’s Inside

She Saw This While Walking on the Beach, What is this?

Beach goers walking on the sand in Virginia Beach were in for a surprise when this fish appeared out of nowhere. The East Coast Surfing Championships recently posted pictures of this fish out of water on its Facebook page.

The Chesapeake Bay Program’s website reports that these creepy-looking fish called stargazers typically live in deep water at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. The predatory species eat small fish and crustaceans and hunts by burying itself in the sand with its eyes and mouth sticking straight upward.

Stargazers can grow 22 inches in length and come equipped with venomous spines near their gills and pectoral fins. This creature of the deep can also generate a 50-volt electric shock. It may not be deadly to humans, but fish scientist William Leo Smith once told The New York Times that stargazer fish is “the meanest things in creation.”

Source: YouTube by NewsBeat Social

Nokia 3310 Against Improvised Paper Disc Cutter

So why a thin piece of paper can cut your skin, first it’s light enough to act like a razor and combined with the stiffness of the paper.

Paper cuts often happen in the fingers and can be painful as they stimulate skin’s pain receptors caused by the paper’s fibers and chemicals.

But now people from Mr. The hacker YouTube channel they’d taken the paper cutting to the next level, gluing three sheets of bond paper patterned into a grinder cutting disc and they started cutting some tough materials.

For their ultimate test, they cut the probably the most durable and most reliable cell phone on the planet, the classic Nokia 3310 dub as the unbreakable phone and was subject to many internet memes.

Footage via Mr. Hacker

Cool Dad Shows His Kids What’s Inside a Giant Wasp Nest

Image: What’s Inside

The father and son tandem of Dan and Lincoln of What’s Inside? YouTube channel, wondered what’s inside a Wasp or Bee Nest? We cut this GIANT one in half!! Crazy!

They bought the huge nest on eBay gross but awesome at the same time.  A wasp is neither a bee or an ant, a paraphyletic which means they are descended from a common ancestor the Apocrita.

The most commonly known wasps are yellow jackets and hornets, dangerous with their very painful sting.

The kids are thrilled, scared and excited to see the inside of the hive. Did you know what it was going to look like?

Source: YouTube by What’s Inside

This Giant Octopus Escaped through this Tiny Hole | How He Do That?

Ladies and gentlemen the world’s greatest escape artist, this animal escape artist is a giant pacific octopus, stranded on a boat with only one escape route a tiny hole on the side of the boat.

How this massive octopus fit through such a tiny hole?  They have something which is very special they have no skeletal at all, not internal, not external, so they are really soft but there’s only one hard part on their body and that is the beak, so if the beak fit to any hole the rest of the body will as well.

The octopus has thousands of sensory cells that are able to taste and smell the environment, so once that tentacles hit the water, he’s alerted that this is the exit route and he’s able to squeeze the entire body through that tiny little hole and make it safely.

Why did the octopus evolved with this incredible ability? They are a pretty good meal for many large predators, the predators don’t have all that much work to do because there are no bones, so they have to be very, very good at hiding, they really intelligent they can walk on land and squeeze through tiny spaces.

Source: YouTube by Science Channel