Elaine the pretty lady in the picture call her Lola’s house and introduces herself to Jose Manalo

Jose Manalo talking to Elaine

Manila, Philippines, In today’s classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan “Sugod Bahay” Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros they are in Barangay 425, Zone 43, Sampaloc, Manila and they are visiting the house of the winner.

While inside the house, Jose pickup a picture of a pretty lady named Elaine according to the housekeeper the granddaughter of the house owner where the winner is working.  After a few minutes Elaine called at the house of her grandmother and started to talk with Jose.

The two had a long conversation and it was put on speaker were all the television viewers heard their conversation, Jose started to have a very funny and flirting talk with Elaine.  Elaine was very accommodating and friendly with Jose.

Jose, Wally, Paolo, the studio hosts and the viewers of the show had a very wonderful and entertaining time with this pretty lady named Elaine.

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The winner’s neighbor who wants to go inside the house

Manila, Philippines, In today’s classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan “Sugod Bahay” Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros they are in Barangay Poblacion East, Rosario, La Union and they are now inside the house of the winner.

The winner’s neighbor a woman who wants to be inside the house of the winner to see what is happening in the program, but the house is too small and can’t include one more person inside the house.

This woman was so persistent, knocking every opening in the house like windows and door, finally Jose Manalo talked to her and said the reason why she can’t come inside the house, but this woman was arguing with him, saying that she was so happy to see them and to see what is going on in the television program also she is claiming that she is a relative of the winner and even declaring her weight that she can fit-in inside.

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Jose Manalo’s high on drugs face

Today’s Problem Solving is in Barangay Tugatog, Malabon City.  Mr. Randy Nacional is seeking an advice from JoWaPao and from Dabarkads in the studio.  The crew were curious on Randy’s surname “Nacional” they thought, it’s the popular bookstore in the Philippines and was asking what branch.  Randy quickly clarifies is not the bookstore and his father is from Bicol.

They proceeded on Randy’s problem, he is a pedicab driver and his passenger mistakenly identifies him as a drug addict because of this facial feature particularly his round big eyes, it’s not fair where is the justice?  Jose Manalo were seeking justice also and the same, we can’t find her.  Jose noticed Randy’s mannerism that he’s keeping wetting his lips showing signs of a drug addict (dried mouth) and Jose demonstrate what Randy looks like when driving a pedicab.  According to Jose another indicator of drug addict is on their teeth, they manifest a very strong bite their jaws are not relaxed. 

Another sign of a drug addict according to Jose Manalo their eyes are wide open, it’s like a spear coming at you and he shows it to Randy and immediately throw the used tissue paper whenever possible.  Wally Bayola commented he was conceived from a drug addict.  Paolo Ballesteros gives Randy this message “If the driver is a sweet driver, pedicab driver sweats all over”.  Jose finishes by saying you have an honest way of living just continue to do that. 

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Bossing Vic “Starzan” Laugh Trip Parody together with JoWaPao

In this Eat Bulaga video, Joey De Leon is celebrating his birthday on the show, and his co-hosts prepared an extraordinary surprise performance.

Vic Sotto appeared before the audience and to the celebrant Mr. Joey De Leon as Starzan together with Jose Manalo as Cheetae, Paolo Ballesteros as Jane and Wally Bayola as Ongga.

Starzan is a parody of “Tarzan” lord of the jungle, this comedy film earned much success at the box office and had several sequels also it has many memorable scenes that are known to many Filipinos.

Joey De Leon’s contributions to music, movie, television, radio, and newspaper are immeasurable a real artist and comedian, highly respectable and cool.

We salute you, sir!

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The winner is a real life movie extra

Winner a real life movie extra

Manila, Philippines, In today’s classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan “Sugod Bahay” Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros they are in Barangay San Jose, Navotas City and they are now interviewing the winner.

The “Sugod bahay” gang are now in the house of the winner and they asked him about his work, the winner answered, I do extra job, usually when Bossing Vic heard the word “Extra” the follow up question is what movie? (As a joke) but, this time the winner is actually working as a movie extra before, then Vic and Jose together with Wally and Paolo started laughing, for the first time they found a real movie extra.

The winner remembers his last movie job was with Jose Manalo and Redford in Vic Sotto’s movie, recalling their pet shop scene. The probability of having a true movie extra as a winner is so rare and they’re having fun talking to him.

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There was a time on Eat Bulaga when Allan K. Kissed Pauleen Luna on Live TV

Manila, Philippines, In today’s classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan “Sugod Bahay” Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros they are in Barangay 86 & 87, Tondo, Manila and they are now inside the house of the winner.

The winner named Bon a gay guy who married his best friend Fe and they have a son and a daughter, according to Fe, Bon is always inviting her to come and join him in his activities.

They developed a special relationship, and Fe accepted Bon whoever and whatever he is, and Fe was loved, and Bon as a husband is an excellent provider for their family.

Jose Manalo asks Fe a very intriguing question, what if Bon was tempted to have a boyfriend, what she will you do?  Fe answered, I know Bon from the very start of our friendship, and I will still accept him.

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Bossing Vic Almost Fell from His Chair Laughing at as Jose Calls the Dead

Jose Manalo at Barangay Sta. Cruz, Makati City

Manila, Philippines, Todays classic Juan for all, All for Juan episode is from Barangay Santa Cruz, Makati City.  The winner Lani, was a recently widowed woman and according to her, Eleazer his husband’s dream is to be the lucky winner of the show to be able to support his Medical needs.  However, his husband passed-away and never saw this day answers to their family’s financial difficulty.  While Bossing Vic Sotto and Wally Bayola interviewing the winner Jose Manalo is preparing himself to contact Eleazer with the dead and after a while Jose opens his eyes and speak as Eleazer and greeted his wife Lani, bless his son and noticed That Wally is talking to his wife, he asked who are you? Are yours the girlfriend of my son? Wally replied no sir we are friends and basketball teammates. 

Jose as Eleazer ask his wife Lani, why there’re so many people in our house? Wally told Eleazer that his wife was the lucky winner of Eat Bulaga’s Juan for all, All for Juan.  Eleazer couldn’t believe what he heard and said “Eat Bulaga! Vic!!!” Where is Vic, Eleazer inquired and Wally respond they’re in the studio together with Tito and Joey.  Every time, Jose refers to Bossing Vic as plainly Vic the people in the studio are laughing including Vic Sotto. 

Eleazer talked to his wife Lani, Lani we won! Do you miss my wife? His wife answers back, yes I miss you and we finally won and this your dream.  Eleazer yes, I know we won and can die now.  His wife told Eleazer you are already dead.  Eleazer responds No and called Vic and says this can’t be true just a while ago I am in a beer house and now I’m dead? He again talks to Lani and instructed her to take care of their sons and daughters and be prudent with the money that they have won.    Lani asked Eleazer if she can re-marry again and Eleazer says No you can’t replace me, you are disrespecting me and Jose grabs Eleazer picture and placed it beside his face.  The whole audience burst into laughter as Jose imitate Eleazer picture.  More hilarious things will happen, Enjoy watching this comedy classic.

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Jose and the beautiful Juvie, Sugod Bahay Kissing Scene

Jose Manalo and the Lovely Juvie

Manila, Philippines, Classic Juan for all, All for Juan in Barangay Buting, Pasig City.  The lucky winner is a grandmother who is separated from his husband for thirty-seven years and has four daughters whom she brought up on her own; Paolo Ballesteros jokingly commented: “Ohh, that’s why you’re holding my hands that tight.”  Meanwhile, Jose Manalo is holding someone’s hands too; it’s the granddaughter of the winner.  He says “This poor girl has no father” while holding her hands.  Jose Manalo interviews the girl.

Jose:  What is your name?

Girl:  Juvie

Jose:  Oh, Juvie, our names start with the letter “J.”

Jose:  How old are you?

Juvie:  Twenty four

Jose:  Really, twenty-four, do you have a boyfriend?

Juvie:  No, I don’t have

Jose:  Do have a crush on me?

Juvie:  Can I kiss?

Jose:  Ok, but only on the cheeks

Juvie:  I will do the kissing?

Jose:  I’m an Actor, that’s why you will do the kissing

When Juvie about to kiss Jose’s cheeks, when Jose turns his head, and their lips almost touched (comic act frequently done by Vic Sotto)  everyone that was in the house was laughing, including the studio audience and the studio hosts.  Jose says “I will do the kissing act, so that will not take advantage” then Jose will about to kiss Juvie’s cheeks when Juvie turns her head doing the Vic Sotto kissing act, and they all were laughing hard.

The camera caught Paolo Ballesteros, staring at Juvie and he wanted to kiss Juvie too, and Jose notices it and says “Don’t look at us.”

Paolo asks Juvie for a kiss also but, Jose quickly change the group conversation and ask Juvie if she has a Facebook account, Juvie says “Yes I have an account on Facebook” Jose replied “Well me I don’t have an account.” then he laughs.

Meanwhile, Wally Bayola, switched his sitting position and sat beside Juvie’s Mother, and then hold her hands, he feels jealous for both Paolo and Jose for having to hold someone else’s hands.  JoWaPao discovers during the interview that five of them were sleeping in a small area where they’re doing the interviews.

Jose Manalo supposedly didn’t like what he heard pick his mobile phone from his pocket and started to call someone and said: “Prepare the condominium unit, clean it, somebody will occupy it tomorrow and also prepare the Jacuzzi.”

His co-hosts seem amazed at what Jose is saying on the phone and comments are coming at every corner.

Watch and finished this full episode of Juan for all, All for Juan Sugod Bahay Gang.

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Only Geniuses Can Spot All the Differences

IMAGE: EG Mines YouTube Channel

This spot the difference puzzle or sometimes called “Photo hunt” will test your intelligence, ability to focus and your attention to details.

The goal is to find some differences between two almost identical images; it can be a drawing, computer graphics or photographs.

A technique can be used to solve this puzzle quicker by merging the two pictures into one via cross-eyed vision. The differences will appear by blinking in and out.

Now take this quick test video and find out how genius you are. The test will go from easy to hard, try to spot the difference in less amount of time. You will get 40 seconds for each image and don’t pause the video. Good luck!

Test image number 1

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Molten Salt Poured into Aquarium and the Astonishing Results

Physical reaction of molten salt and water

What would happen if you put molten salt on an aquarium with water? TheBackardScientist inspired by the video posted on a YouTube channel What We Made, the guy poured a molten salt into the water and water started exploding.

Curious of what’s going on this backyard scientist will recreate this experiment, geared with a super-high-speed camera, fish tank and some molten salt.

Sodium chloride or salt can be melted to a liquid when heated to over 801 Degrees Celsius. The result was a powerful physical reaction.

Watch the complete setup and explanation right here.

Source: YouTube uploaded by TheBackardScientist