Wally and Jose Funny Pinoy Henyo

Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo plays Pinoy Henyo

Manila, Philippines, Eat Bulaga the longest running noontime television show in the Philippines has introduced many original game concepts one of them is the “Pinoy Henyo.”

Two players will work as a team, one player have to guess the mystery word by asking his/her teammate, the other player will only have to answer the following word Yes, No and It can be.

The guesser should start by asking if the word is a Person, Place, Thing, or any other general category then its sub-category until they find the correct word.

It this video Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola are playing the game; however, these two are messing around with the game, while when Jose is about very close to answering the right word, he will say pass and proceed to the next mystery word.

Wally’s expression of excitement quickly died down when his teammate Jose Manalo said “Pass” an excellent anti-climax comedy routine. Enjoy watching!

Game of Thrones Cast Member From Oldest to Youngest

GoT Cast – Oldest to Youngest

Game of Thrones has captured a lot of attention and while it is, of course about the characters and their loves, trials, and concerns and unpleasant fates.

It’s ultimately about people fighting for power in the shadow of a looming external threat that cannot be bargained with and indeed can only be escaped through the expenditure of tremendous resources.

Basically, if there’s any real-world analog to Game of Thrones it’s the geopolitics of global warming this isn’t even really conjecture George RR Martin has said.

“As much in a very broad sense there’s a certain parallel there where we’re fighting our own battles we’re fighting over issues important issues my new foreign policy domestic policy but none of them are important if like we’re dead and our cities are under the ocean.”

Very insightful indeed Mr. Martin but in this video presentation we will show the cast member of this hit television series starting with the oldest moving down to the younger ones. Enjoy GoT fans!

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The Japanese Yakuza – Dangerous International Gangster

Yakuza fullbody tattoo

Yakuza or more commonly known in the western world as the Japanese mafia a mysterious organization known for its ruthless approach to business it is widely regarded as one of the world’s most successful organized crime syndicates.

The origin of the Yakuza can be traced back as far as the 1600s making it one of the world’s oldest mafia type organizations the Yakuza still has a significant presence in Japan today even though they are regarded as semi-legitimate they are still engaging in certain treacherous activities such as human trafficking gambling and extortion.

Yakuza traced back to two less savory elements of Japanese society two groups emerged in Japan’s Mid-Edo period, which lasted from 1603 until 1868 the first was the Takea this group of people sold stolen goods.

The second was Bakuto which was a group of people with connections to the world of gambling whether as customers or proprietors, the Takea was a structured group with a hierarchy and a code of conduct on how business was done.

The Bakuto was a loosely connected group with fewer rules and structures and today’s Yakuza initiations ceremony still incorporate rituals that come from both Takea and Bakuto.

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Jackie Chan – Stunts Gone Wrong

Jacky Chan Stunts

The man known as Jackie Chan is one of the biggest and most badass movie stars ever and the first to bridge the gap between Hong Kong action cinema and big-budget American movies.

Chan might be past 60, but he’s still putting his life on the line to thrill audiences. Though it may seem like the big-screen legend has been around forever, Jackie Chan was born Chan Kong-sang in April 1954.

Nothing weird about that until you realize he was supposed to be born in January of that year. Yes, he hung out in his mother’s womb for a full 12 months before a British doctor had to remove him surgically.

After starring in dozens of martial arts and action movies in which he’s done his stunts, Jackie Chan has sustained many injuries.

So much so that in 2013, his movie Chinese Zodiac was promoted in Japan with a poster that consisted of an image of Chan’s body with arrows pointing to all of his injured body parts.

Among the injuries Chan has suffered in the pursuit of entertainment: On Drunken Master, he damaged a bone behind his eyebrow, and it nearly blinded him. On City Hunter, he dislocated his right shoulder. On The Armour of God, Chan fell out of a tree and suffered a skull fracture, a bone cave-in behind the ear, and bleeding into his brain. During surgery, bone chips were removed from his head.

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Crafty Techniques Smugglers Worked In All History

Smugglers way

On the face of it, the techniques you are about to hear about should have worked, but they didn’t a possible testament to the scrutiny of border security forces.

So while they’re ingenious that genius is constrained by the limitations of a smuggler’s brain nonetheless, you’ll be amazed by these rather creatively crafty techniques a smuggler does.

Tree trunks smugglers used

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Dead Game of Thrones Characters Here’s What They Look Today

Bella Ramsey

Pour one out for Game of Thrones, because winter has finally come for the most popular TV show in recent history.

Before you start crying over the fate of your beloved characters, remember that for the show’s actors, there’s life after death.

Battle of Winterfell – Lyanna Mormont

Here’s a look at what the stars behind these dead Game of Thrones characters look like today.

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People Died In Dangerous Mount Everest Summit Overcrowding | Ego Tourism?

Mount Everest Summit Overcrowding

Today Mount Everest is a very different place, and one alarming and concerning issue is overcrowding or human traffic jams in the area aptly named Death Zone with a dizzying altitude of 8,000 meters.

The pictures that climbers are sending back are distressing, hundreds of climbers are lining up risking their lives perched insecurely along the ridge that forms the final approach to the summit waiting for their turn to claim up or scramble down while attached to a single fixed rope.

This season alone 11 fatalities have been reported one young Indian climber who died to exhaustion and exposure while on the way down because he was stuck in that line for over 12 hours.

For people who don’t have Mount Everest on their bucket list and who watched many documentaries about Everest will probably see that this is a disaster is waiting to happen because the last thing you don’t want to do is linger for hours in the Death Zone.

Self-preservation will direct you to get out of there as quickly as possible because there is a small window of time of clear weather to close and the blow of the dangerous jet like cold winds will surely tell you that it’s game over, the lack of sufficient oxygen will affect your judgment.

Now, is this worth it? Whether Everest or some other place if overcrowding will endanger your life is that worth your life for the all-important selfie?

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Why You Should Avoid Q-Tips when cleaning your Ears

Avoid Q-Tips when cleaning Ear Canal

For most of us, our first tool for cleaning our ears is a q-tips we believed that putting q-tips to our ears is going to clean the wax out from our ears, but what it does is it’s pushing the wax right back inside against our eardrum.

Ear wax is essential, it is produced in the outer portion of the ear canal, and it protects the ear and stops things getting in there that shouldn’t.

And if you leave your wax it will naturally come out of the ear hole all by itself so for the majority of us wax isn’t a problem but sometimes it can build up causing discomfort or loss of hearing.

If that happens, there’s quite an array of products you can buy to unclog your ears these work by soaking into ear wax and softening.

Almond oil and olive oil are just as effective, warm the oil up to no more than body temperature fill your ear and leave for five to ten minutes until the wax softens and falls out.

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Maisie Williams Life and Work Before & After Game Of Thrones

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams was only 12 when she landed the role of Arya Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones. And, for nearly a decade, we watched her grow up right in front of our eyes.

Today, she’s a robust and fearless feminist with an established acting career and a future that looks as bright as can be.

Maisie Williams grew up in Bristol, England, the youngest of four children, her parents divorced she was four months old.

Her family couldn’t afford acting lessons for Williams while she was growing up, but perhaps they weren’t all that necessary. Williams claims she always had an innate knack for performing.

From as young as she can remember, she dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and before her Game of Thrones audition, she took a few local dance classes and enrolled at Bath Dance College, a performing arts school devoted to offering affordable training to young talent. That training helped her pull off a lot of the stunt work required by Game of Thrones.

What to know more about Maisie Williams watch the video below.

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Elderly People Who Are More Toned Than Your Friends

Awesome Elderly People

Although we love our grandparents cool generally isn’t a word we use to describe them which is a shame because what’s cooler than baking cookies having lived through significant historical events and letting us get away with things our parents wouldn’t in this video will show you some of the most jaw-droppingly cool grandparents on the planet.

You’d better make sure your grandmother isn’t in the room with you she might get jealous your grandparents might let you get away with not doing your homework.

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