Celebrities Who Were Born Wealthy Before They Were Famous

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These list of celebrities have been born into a wealthy family before they were famous with a family background in politics and business.

They grew up rich and now they are more affluent and achieved celebrities status.

But still, these celebrities work their way up, improving their talents and using their high-cost educational background.

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Giant Glue Trap Catch A Human | Gotcha!

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Mouse glue traps are primarily used for indoor rodent infestation is made up of natural or synthetic adhesive applied to a thick paper or board.

The adhesive material is non-toxic to humans that being said is it possible to build a giant-sized glue trap to catch a human?

They made a scaled up mouse glue trap for human and let’s see what will happen.

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Former Pinoy Celebrities Who Now Hold Regular Jobs | Career Change

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Just like any career, you can’t predict 100 percent that it will last, some find their career niche while others have outgrown, burnout, unchallenging or perhaps it doesn’t suit them another more and time have changed, or they see new opportunities.

For these Filipino celebrities, they choose to leave their showbusiness careers to pursue regular jobs and new challenges outside the limelight and are better off for it.

Here are some celebrities that are just happy in their new field.

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Filipino Celebrities Who Graduated with Honors

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The first thing that we are attracted to celebrities is because of their looks and talent and for whatever reason we don’t expect them to be highly educated.

As it turns out some successful celebrities didn’t drop out of colleges, but these celebrities not only finished college, they did it with honors they excelled not only in acting but in the universities too.

Here are a few celebrities who got fame and got high grades.

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Filipino Celebrities Who’s Raising Their Children as a Single Parent

Image: Top10 World YouTube Channel

These celebrities single parents are raising their children on their own aside from balancing their busy professional career and making themselves relevant to the entertainment industry.

It takes sacrifice, focus, and patience to succeed in their careers and their role as a parent to their children.

Maybe some of them have nannies, but others are superstar parent that is hands-on when it comes to their kids.

Whether you like kids or not it is still good to see such hardworking and dedicated single parent — a salute to all of you out there.

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Doc Willie Ong’s 4 Important Things To Do When You Woke Up In The Morning

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When you woke up in the morning, we are easily carried away by our many tasks and personal obligations.

We neglect that our body is not yet prepared to do demanding tasks and some accidents happen the moment a person woke up.

Doctor Willie Ong explains what these accidents are and the things to do to avoid this happening on you.

The road to a healthy life is knowledge and doing the necessary actions.

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Pag Gising sa Umaga, Gawin 4 Bagay

Pag Gising sa Umaga, Gawin 4 BagayPayo ni Doc Willie Ong1. Umupo muna ng 1 minuto2. Galawin ang leeg at balikat3. Umupo sa inidoro kung iihi4. Uminom ng maligamgam na tubig5. Panoorin ang Video:

Posted by Doctor Willie Ong on Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sleep Better with These 8 Tip According to Athletes | Better Health

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A good understanding of how our body rests or recover during sleep will undoubtedly benefit our health; it is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Poor sleep has many adverse effects on our hormones, emotional balance, physical performance and brain functions as research shows.

In today’s world, people sleep quality and quantity has declined, and many people did suffer from poor sleep.

With these tips, we all hope that it will help us get our good night sleep and waking up energetic and refreshed.

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Behind Maureen Wroblewitz’s Pinya Photo

Maureen Wroblewitz

Talented model and host Maureen Wroblewitz photo post to her social media account gained unintended attention from other social media platform users.

Her behind scene shoot from a recent modeling assignment post captioned “behind the scenes – photos coming soon • bilisan mo pagdevelop haaa @cerillafrommanila.”

The controversial photo is this one that caught the attention of many netizens.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/mauwrob

People once again were reminded about Rosanna Roces 90s sexy film with a very catchy title “Patikim ng Pinya.” which has a double or mischievous meaning.

Maureen who was unaware of the local sexy movie history and probably was not born at that time commented: “Random lang, as the photographer.” and “I really don’t understand why some people find this weird or awkward. i’d find it more if there was nothing at all, i mean at least it’s covering the creases from the pants.”

Sometimes creative freedom is misinterpreted, and local pop culture background will surely help next time.

Good luck Maureen and once again thank you for representing the Philippines at Asia’s Next Top Model.

Photo Source: Maureen Wroblewitz Instagram

Here Is Why “Bohemian Rhapsody” Is The Best Song Ever Written | Legend!

Image: Insider YouTube Channel

You probably heard the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” many times, and you probably think that there’s nothing like anything sounded like this song.

After 44 years the song is one of the most influential and memorable song of this generation and will undoubtedly influence future generation.

It was in the summer of 1975 when Freddie Mercury started writing it as an operatic song titled “Real Life.” having the creative freedom granted to them by the records company the Queen indeed pushed all their creativity in full gear.

Emmy Nominated composer and professor at NYU Steinhardt Mr. Irwin Fisch give his professional thought and comment about this song.

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