Man rescues his hunting dog from the grip of a wild kangaroo

Dog owner rescues his dog from wild kangaroo

A highly trained hunting dog who is chasing a pig scent came across with a big buck kangaroo holding it by it’s protective gear against wild boar’s tusks.

The dog’s owners were terrified at what he saw and worried that both animals would end up hurting each other, he immediately runs into them to break the two animals.

The dog wanted to escape from the kangaroo’s grip and doesn’t want anything to do with the Roo.  The big buck kangaroo releases the dog when the man gets close to him, the Roo position himself to attack the man.

Kangaroo releases the dog when the man gets close to him

A kangaroo’s kick can cause severe injuries on humans as the man realizes and decided to back off a couple of times to avoid unnecessary encounter, realizing that the Roo will not back out, he decided to punch the kangaroo’s snout, the punch stops the Roo’s aggressive behavior which gave the man and his dog time to disengage.

The man in the video was 6 foot, 7 inches, a tall man, giving us the idea, never do this kind of rescue.

Source: YouTube