Jackie Chan – Stunts Gone Wrong

Jacky Chan Stunts

The man known as Jackie Chan is one of the biggest and most badass movie stars ever and the first to bridge the gap between Hong Kong action cinema and big-budget American movies.

Chan might be past 60, but he’s still putting his life on the line to thrill audiences. Though it may seem like the big-screen legend has been around forever, Jackie Chan was born Chan Kong-sang in April 1954.

Nothing weird about that until you realize he was supposed to be born in January of that year. Yes, he hung out in his mother’s womb for a full 12 months before a British doctor had to remove him surgically.

After starring in dozens of martial arts and action movies in which he’s done his stunts, Jackie Chan has sustained many injuries.

So much so that in 2013, his movie Chinese Zodiac was promoted in Japan with a poster that consisted of an image of Chan’s body with arrows pointing to all of his injured body parts.

Among the injuries Chan has suffered in the pursuit of entertainment: On Drunken Master, he damaged a bone behind his eyebrow, and it nearly blinded him. On City Hunter, he dislocated his right shoulder. On The Armour of God, Chan fell out of a tree and suffered a skull fracture, a bone cave-in behind the ear, and bleeding into his brain. During surgery, bone chips were removed from his head.

Source: YouTube