Irritated Silverback Gorilla

Angry Silverback Gorilla

Wondered how mighty Silverback gorilla is? In this video, a group of nature tourist or zoo visitors are looking at the gorillas who were roaming around in their enclosed artificial habitat inside the zoo.

The kids are enjoying their visit together with their parents, watching the gorillas walk, run and interact with other gorillas through the tempered glass as a barrier between them.

The visitors were not doing anything that will agitate the Gorillas, but one of them angrily runs in front of the visitors and vigorously smashed the tempered glass that causes the glass to crack.

The impact of the Gorilla strike was so loud; it sounds like a big speaker bass that frightens the visitors inside the location; they immediately moved to the nearest exit. They are all laughing and at the same time scared of what happened, and for sure their hearts were beating so fast. We cannot honestly predict the behavior of these wild animals; we should always be cautious when visiting any wildlife park or zoo.

Gorillas are ground-dwelling animals that inhabit the forest of Central Africa, and their natural habitats covered tropical or subtropical forests.

Watch the actual footage of the Silverback Gorilla attack and share us your thoughts on the incident.