Game of Thrones Cast Member From Oldest to Youngest

GoT Cast – Oldest to Youngest

Game of Thrones has captured a lot of attention and while it is, of course about the characters and their loves, trials, and concerns and unpleasant fates.

It’s ultimately about people fighting for power in the shadow of a looming external threat that cannot be bargained with and indeed can only be escaped through the expenditure of tremendous resources.

Basically, if there’s any real-world analog to Game of Thrones it’s the geopolitics of global warming this isn’t even really conjecture George RR Martin has said.

“As much in a very broad sense there’s a certain parallel there where we’re fighting our own battles we’re fighting over issues important issues my new foreign policy domestic policy but none of them are important if like we’re dead and our cities are under the ocean.”

Very insightful indeed Mr. Martin but in this video presentation we will show the cast member of this hit television series starting with the oldest moving down to the younger ones. Enjoy GoT fans!

Source: YouTube