Dabarkads Sings and Dance with the winner Mrs. Camelita

Let me love you Carmelita

Manila, Philippines, In today’s classic Eat Bulaga Juan for All, All for Juan “Sugod Bahay” Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros they are in Barangay B1-A, Talong, Cavite and they are now going to the house of the winner.

While on their way to the house of the winner, the Eat Bulaga studio host started to sing “Let me love you Carmelita” because of the winner’s name is Carmelita.

Once they arrived at the house of Carmelita and learned that she is going through a problem about her son and she was forced to leave her home because of the constant quarreling and fighting off her son and his wife.

Carmelita, who is now renting a small space and making a living through “Sari-sari” store, at her age, she is suffering a heart problem and high blood pressure, the prizes that she won will help her start a new beginning and she is hoping that her son will change that she can return to her own home.

Source: YouTube