MotoSurf a motocross and wakeboard combined a new ride into the waves

X Games Champion, Stuntman and Guinness world record holder Robbie “Maddo” Maddison fulfilled his ‘Pipe Dream’ the 34-year-old Australian motorbike stunt rider whose achievement includes two world records 125cc distance 221feet and 250cc distance world record with a trick- 246 feet (75 m) superman seat grab and the legendary New Year’s Eve jump at the […]

I am pouring lava into my pool!

Today on The Backyard Scientist, Becker wanted to see lava, but he had this irrational fear of volcanoes when he was a kid. His solution is to make lava for himself by melting down volcano rocks. After making the lava, Becker will pour it into their pool and he wanted to see what will happen […]