Extremely Successful Celebrity and Business Entrepreneurs

Being a celebrity is a full-time job making movies, hosting gig, television show and series, endorsements, and television advertising are enough to fill their schedules, but several celebrities also have side businesses. They make it a priority to invest in other business ventures sometimes not quite in line with their current showbusiness careers. These celebrities […]

Liza Soberano’s Reasons Why She Withdraws from the New Darna Film | Tearful Announcement

Liza Soberano’s sad announcement that she is withdrawing from the much-awaited reboot of the film “Darna” shocked her fans and the entertainment industry people. In May 2017 when Liza Soberano was introduced as the new generation actress to play the Filipino comics female superhero icon, people are all excited and happy learning that Soberano will […]

Kung Fu Stars ★ Photos Then and Now | 2019

From the 70s up to now, Kung Fu cinema captured the imagination of moviegoers around the world. Movie production such as Shaw Brothers to Golden Harvest that put Hong Kong martial arts cinema on the map. Martial arts actors that showcase different kung fu styles, fantastic fight scenes, and incredible stunts pioneered by Chinese martial […]

Behind Maureen Wroblewitz’s Pinya Photo

Talented model and host Maureen Wroblewitz photo post to her social media account gained unintended attention from other social media platform users. Her behind scene shoot from a recent modeling assignment post captioned “behind the scenes – photos coming soon • bilisan mo pagdevelop haaa @cerillafrommanila.” The controversial photo is this one that caught the […]