Irritated Silverback Gorilla

Wondered how mighty Silverback gorilla is? In this video, a group of nature tourist or zoo visitors are looking at the gorillas who were roaming around in their enclosed artificial habitat inside the zoo. The kids are enjoying their visit together with their parents, watching the gorillas walk, run and interact with other gorillas through […]

Look Inside Into a Kangaroo Pouch

You might think that a kangaroo pouch is just like a fancy fanny pack that the mother kangaroo uses to carry their babies. But kangaroo pouches are way more exciting and complex. A newborn baby kangaroo is blind, deaf, and under an inch long without a safe place to stay while it grows and stays […]

Octopus makes its quicksand, then vanishes inside

Species: The southern sand octopus (Octopus Kaurna)Habitat: The seafloor of the southeastern coast of Australia This sand octopus burrowing technique was the first video captured in 2008 by Jasper Montana of the University of Melbourne. “This is the first known cephalopod to burrow,” he says. The technique, the octopus, injects water into the sediment using […]

Dancing zombie squid explained

Perhaps you see in this video online is this squid alive, dead or some zombie. YouTube commentator said, “This was evil, torture, cruel, disgusting.” and even someone says “its awesome.” To explain what’s happening to the squid. Chemistry professor Charles Gresham “Most of the tissue in an organism that’s recently dead, recently killed is still […]