Wally and Jose Funny Pinoy Henyo

Manila, Philippines, Eat Bulaga the longest running noontime television show in the Philippines has introduced many original game concepts one of them is the “Pinoy Henyo.” Two players will work as a team, one player have to guess the mystery word by asking his/her teammate, the other player will only have to answer the following […]

Jackie Chan – Stunts Gone Wrong

The man known as Jackie Chan is one of the biggest and most badass movie stars ever and the first to bridge the gap between Hong Kong action cinema and big-budget American movies. Chan might be past 60, but he’s still putting his life on the line to thrill audiences. Though it may seem like […]

Crafty Techniques Smugglers Worked In All History

On the face of it, the techniques you are about to hear about should have worked, but they didn’t a possible testament to the scrutiny of border security forces. So while they’re ingenious that genius is constrained by the limitations of a smuggler’s brain nonetheless, you’ll be amazed by these rather creatively crafty techniques a […]