Aegis Pa More Singing Showdown

Eat Bulaga Pa More – Aegis Pa More Showdown

Eat Bulaga Pa More, Aegis Pa More! Song showdown. The competition started with the host Allan K and Julia Clarete, introduces the Aegis Band compose of Juliet, Mercy, and Ken Sunot, Stella Galindo, Rey Abenoja, Rowena Pinpin, Vilma Goloviogo as the Judge of the competition. First to perform will be Bubsy Wonderland, singing “Basang-basa sa Ulan” the highlight of her performance, she was carried up by the dancers lying down and split positions.

Next to perform is Aicelle Santos, singing “Luha”, She started slow with different song arrangement, she wears a traffic vest under her jacket when she removes it and started to walk and run out of the studio going to the street, while she continues to sing, upon reaching the road, she made herself a traffic enforcer volunteer and finishes her song by stopping a motorcycle man, the judges can’t believe what they saw.

The third performer is Cacai Bautista, singing “Halik,” she came out doing jazz or slow, somehow romantic dance with one male dancer and with sudden and fast dance moves when she’s been alone on the stage, her singing range was high and with a dramatic ending and smoke effects.

The last performer is Gladys Guevarra, singing “Sayang na Sayang”, the props for her performance is a sofa in the middle of the stage, she laid down her feet up on the backrest, head on the seat, and started singing while her backup dancer, connect her to a cable, when she suddenly stops and asks the band to take the tone up a bit, then proceed singing, Gladys, were taken up by the steel cable and then requested the tune to turn one up more notch and more, until she doesn’t reach it, then asked to make the tune to her normal singing voice, she performs while she was in suspension cable, upside down.

A very unique and competitive singing showdown for these performers. Gladys and Aicelle won the competition, dividing the one hundred thousand pesos grand prize.

Source: YouTube