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Little Bruno Mars in The Arsenio Hall Show

Before he became Bruno Mars, he was the (tiny) Elvis! The youngest Elvis impersonator at the time, which he started doing at the two-years-old as part of his parents’ band.

He was such a tremendous tiny Elvis that he performed at the 1990 Aloha Bowl and played “Little Elvis” in 1992 movie “Honeymoon in Vegas” and people loved him.

He was featured in the 1990 documentary Viva Elvis, and appeared on multiple television segments, like with Pauly Shore on MTV, and he appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show by the time he was just 6.

If Mars’ stage presence and smooth singing voice seem effortless, there’s a good reason for it music is in his blood, and the singer/songwriter grew up performing.

His dad was a Latin percussionist, and his mom was a hula dancer that charm brought together Mars’ parents who collaborated for years in a cover band called The Love Notes.

That’s the very band that Mars joined as an Elvis impersonator by the time he was two and through which he became something of a local celebrity.

Source: YUYU TV

6 Year Old Bruno Mars Impersonates Elvis

Before Bruno Mars was Bruno Mars… He was the cutest damn Elvis theres ever been. Music docs and more at yuyutv.com

Posted by YUYU TV on Wednesday, January 25, 2017