Twins in the Laundry Basket having an Adorable Conversation when Mom Walks In

Twin Babies Talking

The twins are having a good conversation when their mother walks into the laundry area, and they seem to understand each other about their toy of the day which is the socks. Interesting how one baby will not give over the socks that she wanted; instead she fobs off her twin with the other pair of socks.

It seems they have developed their way of communicating using noises and gestures instead of words of course at that age they are incapable of using actual words to converse.

However, they are thoroughly enjoying their agreement while they’re in the laundry basket their mother had to record this and freeze this adorable moment which is now immortalized in YouTube.

The 18-month-old twins Stella and Lilah when the video where taken is now eight years old, and they think their video is pretty funny and indeed it was, they learn how to share at the very early age.

Source: YouTube

The Best “Dalagang Pilipina” Challenge | Simply LOL

Facebook video screenshot

Online challenges are now part of the social media entertainment life of many internet users may as content consumers or as the one who is accepting the challenge or online content contributor.

One particular homegrown online challenge that has taken the country is “Dalagang Pilipina.” Filming oneself and making funny and kilig faces cutting to the beat of the song by the hip-hop group that calls itself Allmo$t that has millions of views on YouTube alone.

Facebook video screenshot of this cute toddler

According to some online articles, the challenge was first posted on Facebook by Social Media Influencer Jeremy better-known online as “Mimi.”

Many celebrities have accepted this challenge like Maine Mendoza, Rufa Mae Quito, Angel Locsin, Maymay Entrata, Anne Curtis, Team Kramer, Vice Ganda, Hashtag and it continues to snowball.

Another Facebook video screenshot of this cute toddler

But one particular Facebook video post is gaining popularity, and as of the moment, it has 2.6million views, 63 thousand shares, 47 thousand reactions, and 9.5 thousand comments. It was posted by Jhedz Magno featuring an adorable toddler making her unique version of the challenge that makes millions of users have their best day on Facebook.

Source: Jhedz Magno

New Inventions Sports Training Equipment that Makes Incredible Athletes

Innovations and inventions are not just happening in consumer electronics and disruptive technology business; serious innovations and inventions are coming from fitness and sports industry too that makes regular athletes perform their best self.

Anyone who is into tracking and improving their fitness and sports performance will be intrigued by these innovative technologies and inventions.

Source: YouTube

Reasons why the Philippines is Unique from the Rest of the World

Image: Bright Side

No other country in the world has a unique national trait, culture, language, food, islands, colonial influences and many other cultural and environmental factors that make the Philippines truly one of a kind country.

Filipino values education and almost everyone understands the English language and foreigners find it easy to communicate and work with any Filipinos.

Philippines has more than 175 spoken languages

Filipinos are suited for the global community, and it’s citizens are spread globally as expat workers that stimulate the country’s economy and dollar reserves.

The various colonial influences of the Spanish, Americans and together with Asian’s cultural values and love for Western and Asian popular culture and it’s adaptability to technology makes the Filipino truly unique as other country notices.

Philippines is the country with text messaging phenomenon

Source: YouTube

News Anchors Wordless in Fright After News about Giant Sharks

News Anchors Stefanovic and Wilkinson speechless in horror after a news segment about sharks

News studio anchors Karl Stefanovic open the news segment about the new technology and technique that allows camera operators of Discovery Channel to get up closed more than ever while filming the great white sharks.

These new underwater vessel technologies called the W.A.S.P (Water Armour Shark Protection) that enables divers to walk along the ocean floor while filming sharks.

Huge great while shark jump out of the surface

In the report a video of one diver walking along the ocean floor off the coast of New Zealand together with a giant shark that approaching behind him. He said, “You never want a great white shark to get this close to your head.”

The Discovery Channel’s Jeff Kurr said the “WASP was not impenetrable. A great white shark can smash any cage to pieces if it wanted to, but these sharks are cautious by nature. So, they’ll probably knock [the WASP] around and test it.”

Another underwater craft called the Hornet that enabled diver Dickie Chivell to capture incredible video from above and below the ocean’s surface as a 15-foot Great white jump out of the water surface.

Quick cut back to the anchors Stefanovic and Wilkinson, mouth open and speechless in horror.

News anchor Mr. Stefanovic in shock

“I am never going back in the water,” Stefanovic said.

News anchor Ms. Wilkinson in horror

“Me either,” Wilkinson replied. “No way! Ugh!”

That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.
Stuff summer!
I’m just going to the local pool.

Source: YouTube by News Time

Extremely Successful Celebrity and Business Entrepreneurs

Image: Trendscribe YouTube Channel

Being a celebrity is a full-time job making movies, hosting gig, television show and series, endorsements, and television advertising are enough to fill their schedules, but several celebrities also have side businesses.

They make it a priority to invest in other business ventures sometimes not quite in line with their current showbusiness careers.

These celebrities use their fame and fortune to be business entrepreneurs, rational thinking in this world of career uncertainties and burnouts.

Source: YouTube

Liza Soberano’s Reasons Why She Withdraws from the New Darna Film | Tearful Announcement

Screenshot from the interview

Liza Soberano’s sad announcement that she is withdrawing from the much-awaited reboot of the film “Darna” shocked her fans and the entertainment industry people.

In May 2017 when Liza Soberano was introduced as the new generation actress to play the Filipino comics female superhero icon, people are all excited and happy learning that Soberano will be the next “Darna.”

But during the week a dismal Liza Soberano formally announces that she had withdrawn from the “Darna” film project. August last year the 21-year-old actress suffered a nasty fractured index finger in an accident while filming her television fantasy series “Bagani” at the same time preparing her self physically through workout and stunts training for the said film.

Bashers/Troll said: – It's just a finger injury, okay.-OA naman para yan lang.- Palusot lang yan dahil hindi kayang…

Posted by Kapamilya Kingdom on Friday, April 5, 2019

In the interview, Liza said “I’ve been undergoing therapy. I had surgery twice na po. We’ve been trying to fix it, but lately, these past few weeks, we’ve decided na maybe it’s best if I don’t push through with it, because baka maging hindrance lang po siya for me to be able to do the stunts properly,”

The two operations and therapy on her broken index finger didn’t help recover her normal gripping motion.

“It’s a hindrance for me being able to be confident in doing the scenes na alam kong may hesitations ako when doing it, because I have to take care of the finger,” she said.

In the interview, it is apparent that Liza wanted to finish the film with the physical and emotional investment that she gave triggered the emotional hurt that she’s keeping inside when reminded about her fans anticipating her as the new “Darna.”

Here we see a glimps Liza Soberano’s dedication to her profession and love for her followers by giving her best.

Source: ABS-CBN News

'Di na Darna si Liza

#TVPatrol Emosyonal na inanunsiyo ni Liza Soberano na hindi na siya ang gaganap na 'Darna'. Ito'y matapos malaman ng aktres ang epekto ng injury sa kaniyang daliri.

Posted by TV Patrol on Thursday, April 4, 2019

6-Year-old Bruno Mars Elvis Impersonator Video | Rare

Little Bruno Mars in The Arsenio Hall Show

Before he became Bruno Mars, he was the (tiny) Elvis! The youngest Elvis impersonator at the time, which he started doing at the two-years-old as part of his parents’ band.

He was such a tremendous tiny Elvis that he performed at the 1990 Aloha Bowl and played “Little Elvis” in 1992 movie “Honeymoon in Vegas” and people loved him.

He was featured in the 1990 documentary Viva Elvis, and appeared on multiple television segments, like with Pauly Shore on MTV, and he appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show by the time he was just 6.

If Mars’ stage presence and smooth singing voice seem effortless, there’s a good reason for it music is in his blood, and the singer/songwriter grew up performing.

His dad was a Latin percussionist, and his mom was a hula dancer that charm brought together Mars’ parents who collaborated for years in a cover band called The Love Notes.

That’s the very band that Mars joined as an Elvis impersonator by the time he was two and through which he became something of a local celebrity.

Source: YUYU TV

6 Year Old Bruno Mars Impersonates Elvis

Before Bruno Mars was Bruno Mars… He was the cutest damn Elvis theres ever been. Music docs and more at

Posted by YUYU TV on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kung Fu Stars ★ Photos Then and Now | 2019

Image: Gym4u YouTube Channel

From the 70s up to now, Kung Fu cinema captured the imagination of moviegoers around the world. Movie production such as Shaw Brothers to Golden Harvest that put Hong Kong martial arts cinema on the map.

Martial arts actors that showcase different kung fu styles, fantastic fight scenes, and incredible stunts pioneered by Chinese martial arts tradition.

Many decades had past kung fu movie fans wondered how’s their favorite martial art actor looks like now.

Source: YouTube

Do You Always Feel Tired? | Fatigue

Doctor Willie Ong

Today many people suffer from fatigue or the overall feeling of tiredness, lack of energy and motivation. Feeling fatigue is a common symptom of many other body conditions or problem.

The range of fatigue condition may range to mild to severe and often is a natural caused of our lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol or drug abuse, lack of sleep and others.

And if your fatigue doesn’t solve with proper rest and nutrition and you suspect it is a caused by some other physical and mental illness, see your doctor right away.

Doctor Willie Ong explains the causes and symptoms of fatigue and the effects on our body, the proper assessment of our own body and the food we need to give our body the proper nutrients.

Source: Dr Willie Ong

Pagod Ka Ba? Masakit Katawan. Ito Dapat Gawin

Pagod Ka Ba Lagi? Over-Fatigue. Masakit Katawan.Ito Dapat Gawin (Paki-Share po)Payo ni Doc Willie Ong at Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong 1. Ang pagod ay pwede dahil sa stress, diabetes, goiter at sakit sa puso at baga.2. Ang sintomas ay masakit ang katawan, inaantok lagi, hindi maka-focus, masakit ang ulo at nanlalabo ang mata.3. Hanapin ang sanhi ng pagod at gamutin ito. Baguhin din ang diyeta at mag-ehersisyo ng tama lang.Panoorin ang Video:

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Monday, September 10, 2018